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From: Crispin Weinberg (
Date: Sat Feb 15 2003 - 18:36:59 EET


Robert Thompson's response was very clear and accurate. Biomedical
Modeling Inc. provides similar services in North America and we can put
you in touch with an experienced prosthetist on the West Coast.

Just to expand a little on what Dr Diamantopoulos observed, designing
an implant is not a simple CAD calculation of a surface to fill a gap.
Even for passive implants such as cranial plates, the body reacts in
different ways depending on the precise location of the implant,
material, surface finish, and size. For example, the thinning of soft
tissue (skin, muscle, and fat) and hence the final result will be
different for the same implant placed on the front of the chin or on the
bottom of the chin. As far as I know, no expert system yet codifies
that sort of knowledge which prosthetists have gained through years of experience.

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Randy Howard <> wrote:

              I am new to this list so I suppose that this topic may
already have been addressed.
              What I would like to do is take the data from a medical CT
scan and convert it into a type that can be used by SolidWorks
              and/or ProE to create a 3D solid model. Additionally, I
would like to be able to save the model as an STL file to later be
              recreated in resin using the stereolithography process.
              I also would like to be able to manipulate the 3D virtual
model thus created (in SolidWorks etc.) so that a prosthesis can be
              designed using the existing geometry of that model for
reference. The ultimate goal being creation of the prosthesis in
              resin, also using stereolithography.
              While I have found several very expensive programs
claiming to do these tasks, I need to locate an inexpensive solution to
              these goals. I am working on this project with another
engineer and a physician, without payment, in an effort to find a
              solution which should bring relief to a friend who has
suffered greatly from a physical abnormality. Any support or
              information furthering this project would be greatly appreciated.
              Randy Howard
              Mechanical Designer
              Everett, WA USA

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