2003 3DSNASUG Part 3

From: PTE Distribution (pte7233@yahoo.com)
Date: Thu Feb 20 2003 - 01:27:55 EET

To all of my RP friends,

Do you realize that on Monday, February 24, there will
be four weeks remaining until we meet in sunny
Time sure flies.

Once again, our treasurer has expressed that we need
all exhibitors for the Vendor Fair to please forward
their registration form to me. We need to get the
money to the conference venue to reserve the space.

In an earlier email, I thought it would be a great
idea for service bureaus, and "in house" companies to
exhibit at the vendor fair. What a perfect time to
show your wares and network. Well folks, heres the
total. One service bureau, and one "in house"

I'm so glad you feel it isn't necessary to show the
kind of work your company produces. I hope you can
hold your head up high when saying how close to the
vest you keep everything!! One thing is for sure. I
can walk away someday and know that I have done my
part to satisfy the organization's objectives outlined
in Section 1 (a) of the 3DSNASUG by laws.

Oh, btw, when stating...."they're presenting again",
or "the same vendors", stop by and thank them. They
get involved. Joe Allison challenged you last year.
Thank you to those who accepted his challenge.


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