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大 龍 國 際 有 限 公 司


We are an engineering orientated company and specialised in offering thermoforming Polycarbonate or Acrylic Rooflights of any size upto 1960 x 1960 square base. Other than the supply of rooflights for building industry, we can also thermoform other PC or Acrylic plastic sheets for architectural signages and displays.


Advantages of Sunlite Series

- A true skylight alternative

- For any area of the building, including the office

- Easy installation for new construction and retrofit

- Free light = energy savings for your client

- Provides a more cost effective building than your competition

- Sealed system - no condensation, dust of bugs

- Natural light is proven to create a healthier environment



Please think of us if you come across on rooflights and energy saving of using daylight in your house. For enquiry, please contact : -

Contact Person : C.K.Wong

Telephone : (852) 27857119

Fascimile : (852) 27857489

Website :

E-mail :


*Please let us know if you want to stop our fax in future. We apologize for any inconvenience cause.

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