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Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 18:36:44 EET

Hi All,
This sounds like what we are already working on with the RP certification,
with maybe a little more detail of the different skill or knowledge levels
of the individual. I have been putting together my first draft of what the
different levels of certification might require as a starting point. I
should have this in the next few days. Any other thoughts does this sound
like the same type of certification we are currently talking about ? Scott

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Subject: RP certification?

Dear list,
With the economic downturn that industry is experiencing, we are seeing a
substantial number of highly qualified RP'ers looking for work. Perhaps it
it would be of some benefit if there was a way to identify that experience
in a standardized way.
Many employers sort résumé's by credentials first and experience second so
if we as a group could create a certification process similar to the MCSE
test, It might benefit us all.
Maybe someone with the SME could oversee the test(s) and the credentialing
We could break it down into a number of levels (or not) or we could have a
number of process specific tests.
I understand that the machine producers are attempting to present their RP
products as simple to use, so I doubt we would get much support from them,
but a parts quality is still a function of the skill level of the people
We could have:
RPCT Rapid Prototyping Certified Technician
                Plus a minimum of 2 years full time experience using any RP
RPCSE Rapid Prototyping Certified Systems Engineer
                Plus a minimum of 4 years full time experience experience
using any RP technology
MRPS Master of Rapid Prototyping Systems
                Plus a minimum of 6 years full time experience experience
using Multiple RP technologies
PhD RPS Doctorate in Rapid Prototyping Systems
                Plus a minimum of 8 years full time experience experience
using Multiple RP technologies

Just an idea to kick around...

The above correspondence contains, my opinions, and such. If you disagree
with me, send $100 to the address below and I'll consider your point of

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