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From: Blasch, Larry (
Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 21:09:27 EET

We can just classify you as from BCE (Before Certification Era)...
As long as those cloning folks don't start pulling your DNA out of cured SLA
resin we won't have a "Jurassic RP Park" ;-)
I received a number of messages from people concerned with the use of the
terms "Engineer and Doctorate" Since they represent college degrees.
"Master" on the other hand originated in the Trade/Guild/Brotherhood as the
honor given to someone who was able to demonstrate mastery of a skill set.
I therefore amend my classifications to:
Novice... I made a part once...
Journeyman... I have the keys/password to the machine/lab... (Sorry, I can't
think of politically correct term so flame away)
Master... Not only do I know how to use the $#@! machines, but I can
get them to sing and dance...
Consultant... I read an article on the subject, so now I can charge
someone loads of money...
I repeat my original suggestion which was:
"If we as a group could create a certification process similar to the MCSE
test, It might benefit us all."
Sincerely (and I do mean that),
Larry Blasch
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At 11:17 AM 2/24/2003 -0500, Blasch, Larry wrote:

We could have:

CRPML Certified RPML listener
                No RP experience required..

RPCU Rapid Prototyping Certified User
                Plus 1 year experience ordering parts from Service

RPCT Rapid Prototyping Certified Technician
                Plus a minimum of 2 years full time experience using any RP

does this imply a 2 year technical degree?

RPCSE Rapid Prototyping Certified Systems Engineer
                Plus a minimum of 4 years full time experience experience
using any RP technology

a four year BS degree? What disciplines allowed?

MRPS Master of Rapid Prototyping Systems
                Plus a minimum of 6 years full time experience experience
using Multiple RP technologies

A MS degree? What disciplines allowed

PhD RPS Doctorate in Rapid Prototyping Systems
                Plus a minimum of 8 years full time experience experience
using Multiple RP technologies

A PhD again What disciplines allowed?

CRD Certified Retired Dinosaur
        Plus a minimum of 15 years experience developing RP applications,
activities and technologies.

Covered from cradle to grave sort of...job wise.


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