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Date: Mon Feb 24 2003 - 21:44:43 EET

Hello Doug,

Arcam will be delivering our machine around the end of March. They provided
us with several unfinished sample parts that resemble textured sand
castings. As is the case with most (if not all) of the direct-to-metal
processes, finish machining on critical surfaces is needed. We've machined
and polished selected surfaces to a mirror finish, and the parts do appear
to be fully or nearly fully dense without any infiltration of a secondary
material. The parts we evaluated were H13 steel, and they are currently
developing a titanium material for us. The machine will be here in a little
over a month. Feel free to give either myself (919-515-1549) or Ola
Harrysson (919-513-0220) a call then if you are interested in seeing how it
is working out.



P.S. Our RP web site is temporarily offline. After six years of use, I
received a threatening letter from a lawyer saying that a portion of the URL
contained an acronym that was copyrighted by his client (the acronym had
nothing to do with RP/SFF). I'm in the process of moving the web to another
URL, and that's why Tim Gornet's web search came up empty.

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  Hey All,

  Does anybody have any experience with parts made by Arcam?

  Are there people offering these services in the US?


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