Re: Complete RP certification (For those of you with customers)

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Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 03:35:17 EET

David, David, David:

Calm down...Chill and take a deep breath...a whole lot of tethered emotion
just spewed out in that one e-mail .... L.O.L.

Doug Groh

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> Ok, sorry, but I had to weigh in.
> RP Expert: I saw this special on the History channel the other night.
> that stuff is cool. Kinda like Star Trek. Can u guys really make
> sundae's in those machines?
> RP Master: I am an engineer at company XYZ and need some parts made in
> RP process. Attached are the files and I need them for a meeting at 8:00
> tomorrow. I realize it's after lunch, but we had a meeting this morning.
> <Next Day> Man, we got those ^@$#!! parts this morning. They were
> CRAP!!!!! You guys are unbelievable. OK, so you matched our other quote
> $5.00 and shipped it free, but the quality is AWEFUL! Can't you guys hold
> tolerance of +/- 20 microns supply us with our required mold tech finish?
> The specifications were clearly marked on the prints I FedExed to you
> You guys SUCK!!!! I just hope I don't get fired because of your
> incompetance.
> RP Novice: Has been in the industry 10+ years, helped debug half of the
> technologies on the market, holds at least 1 RP patent, owns every RP
> product and software available and is still tryin' to figure out how to
> repair a $^#@^ .STL file.
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