Micro gears self lubrication by materials engineering

From: Andrea Reinhardt (reinhardt@microtec-d.com)
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 12:55:51 EET

microTEC will welcome you at our presentations
in 2003 and is looking forward to talk about your needs

Hannover Industry Fair in April
H 6, C 15

Achema Frankfurt in Mai
F 0.0 A9-D9

Capping on wafer level

Fiber, lens and chip integrated on smallest space

Packaging for rf-components
Microsystems by 3D-CSP

Micro fluidics
Hydrophobic and hydrophilic plastics within one part in series production of
3D lab on a chip

Micro gears
Self lubrication by materials engineering

Your microTEC Team
+492033062050 Dipl. Ing. Reiner Götzen, Dr. Ing. Helge Bohlmann
+496322650220 Andrea Reinhardt, Dr. Ing. Gisela Dittmar

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