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From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Tue Feb 25 2003 - 17:50:53 EET

I ran into the "maximum number of parts" issue a long time ago.
I had large arrays of very small parts and after the machine crashed
(stalled, whatever you want to call it) I sent the info to 3D systems. (or
was it still DTM?)
Anyway, the techies quickly got back to me and told me I had WAY too many
parts being built simultaneously.
If memory serves correctly, they recommended that I limit things to 64 parts
being scanned on any one build layer. 32 if outline was turned on.
So now I have resorted to setting up the array of parts and then using the
"combine to one STL" tool.
It seems to work okay I guess. Although I'd still prefer that each part
fill and outline individually.
I remember being irritated at the time it happened.
I thought that sort of information should have been shared during training
or explained somewhere in the documentation.
There's no way I was the first person to ever come across that problem.
But then that sort of thing has happened more than once, so it doesn't faze
me anymore.
I've had builds stall for HOURS before, but haven't had the powder melt or
I wonder what caused your machine to get so hot to burn things up.
Good luck
Scott Tilton
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Hi guys,
    Thanks for all the responses, there are alot of good heads out there!
Just to ellobrate more the error message that I saw was " Insufficient
Scanner Command". The N2 levels were fine. What is the maximum number of
parts that can be built at one time on the machine does anybody know? I was
building a large number of test specimens and I am wondering whether this is
the cause, but I made a built previous to this with simialr settings and
part numbers and everything was fine. I was building part out of Duraform.
    Once again thanks for the responses and ideas

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