Inc. 500 Company Needs You (ADV)

From: EcoWindAir (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 09:51:26 EET

How would you like to make an additional $100,000 dollars? Our Company will introduce to the market this year a wind energy system that will start generating electricity with a 3-MPH wind! This device mounted is on your rooftop, with no blades or propellers, and silently captures the power of the wind to provide electricity for your home. This is expected to be as big as Computers, Microwave Ovens and VCR's. This could be your opportunity of a Lifetime! We need people we can train for Manager across the world. You can start making money your first week, and I can show you how to earn as much as $6,000 your first month, if you follow our proven plan. Our Company also has profit sharing, bonus car, paid travel programs and early retirement. We have become the world's largest producer of indoor air quality equipment. Besides indoor air pollution, we also address the problem of water quality. With the need for clean air and water, our company has been rated the number one Home Based Business in America for two years in a row. The U.S. government uses the Company's products around the world; and, in fact, they're using our air purifiers in the Pentagon right now. In these two areas alone, we have people earning close to a million dollars a year and we are only touching 2% of the market. THIS CAN BE YOUR OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME! We invite you to evaluate this extraordinary opportunity. Are you a leader? Can you build and manage the greatest opportunity on planet earth this century. Be sure to click on the wind energy button on the following site and fill out the survey form for our decision to contact you as one of our leaders. Website
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