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From: Toby Gill (
Date: Fri Feb 28 2003 - 16:20:56 EET


I have done 8 parts varying 3 variables so that each part has different
settings during one build with no problems and have also completed builds
with 40 parts, changing power, scan spacing and scan speed, again with no
However as mentioned on the rpml in recent weeks, it does mean that for some
parts it takes a while too load the settings which makes it more prone for
machine faults to arise and build shutdowns to occur, which i have
experienced on the odd occasion.
As for laser stability, i have not noticed any problems arising from the
builds i have completed and the data i have collected also indicate this to
be the case.

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  Hi guys,
      Another question for ye. How many different laser power or scan
spacing values can be performed on a layer without causing any problems. I
have done up to 7 different values per layer, can this cause any probelms
with the next build i.e. will the laser become unstable and need to be
re-calibrated etc.


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