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Date: Sat Mar 01 2003 - 04:05:59 EET

   I've done some custom physical appliances in the past.
    Is this a long term condition? If so, the long term effects of this condition are not worth so called bragging rights.
I would think that their origonal functionality is seriously compromised. Even their hormonal output would seem to be affected. If these presumptions are correct, I too would think that the patient would be better off without them.
    If not the case, something along the lines of a childs scooter with a form of cradle/saddle on top of the foot rest comes to mind. It could also be a modified girls/step through bicycle frame. A seat of the sling type with a shelf of sorts to support the testes could be clamped to the seat column or frame above the pedal cranks. I assume that the pedals would not be functional. I don't know the patients background but if a means of actual transportation is desired a recumbant type bike could be relatively easy to modify/personalise to carry him.
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  Dear RMPL

  I need some help.
  I've been asked for some advice on a design problem and I'm having some trouble thinking of ideas.
  A prosthetist/orthotist friend of mine saw a patient yesterday with swollen testicles. When the patient arrived at the hospital they wieghed one hundred and forty pounds (64Kg) but since removing a lot of the fluid they've managed to bring the weight down to 84lb (34Kg).

  Now the pateient seems fairly comfortable with this, but as you can imagine, he's having trouble getting about. These big boys are 1.5metres in circumference, apparently they look like a very large ham!
  My orthotist friend has to design some kind of harness to support these fellas so the patient can get around.
  We thought of a carrier bag and braces (suspenders for all you Yanks) but then 84lb is a hell of a lot of weight on the shoulders.
  Next idea was a supermarket trolley, it could even be sponsered by Walmart or something!
  If anyone has any good ideas, I look forward to hearing them

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