Ceramic photopolymers for disposable tools

From: Chang-Shik Min (mcs9413@dreamwiz.com)
Date: Sun Mar 02 2003 - 03:20:57 EET

 Hello RP comrades !!!

As a SLA user in Korea,I have a dream that I can make marginally acceptable disposable tools on my SLA machine with minimal human intervention using ceramic photopolymers now available in market place.So I have been searching for some good ceramic photopolymers which can be used for conceptual or disposable tools for injection molding,and I have long believed some resins from several companies like Alphaform,Sony-DMEC,Teijin would be good candidates.
However,come to apply their ceramic resins to conceptual tooling in house lots of times,there have been thousands of problems to solve.
That's why most of my experience has almost made me so skeptical of this kind of tooling approach.

Is there anyone who has some other opinions on this ?
Any comment or information you could give would be greatly appreciated.
Rapidly yours,

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