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                                                                                                                   THE PRESIDENCY

                                                                                                                   THE REPUBLIC OF GAMBIA,

                                                                                                                   OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATES,
                                                                                                                   FOR PRESIDENTIAL AFFAIRS,

                                                                                                                   NATIONAL ASSEMBLY & CIVIL SERVICE,

                                                                                                                   BANJUL- THE GAMBIA

                                                                                                                   Tel:22 166 39 666 .

The President/C.E.O

 I am (Rtd) Captain Edward David Singhatey, the Secretary of States for Presidential Affairs Responsible for National Assembly and the Civil Service, in The Gambia.As the secretary of States to His Excellency, Rtd Colonel Yahaya A.J.J Jammeh the president and commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, we both retired from the Military Force and has been friends and confidants.

 I was ordered to make this proposal of request to you by His ExcellencyYahaya A.J.J Jammeh after a careful study of your country's list of Chambers of Commerce available at the Presidency in The Gambia.

 His excellency has recommended that US$68.2Million be transferred to a foreign account in his name, this fund is an accumulated sum of money from overdrafted vouchers meant for the purchase and maintainance of Military wares/equipments at various Military Barracks and Depots accross the country, however the fund has been referred to The Gambia Payment Centre Office in The Netherlands as Contract payment to Foreign Contractors whose names appeared on priority list for over due payment of contract sum long completed, following the directive from the World Bank, Paris Club and the International Monetary Fund (I.M.F) on our demand for soft loan, that we must first pay all debt owed foreign contractors, before we can be given Loan. His excellency President Jammeh has therefore used this opportunity to transfer this Fund (US$68.2Million) to The Gambia payment liaison office in The Netherlands as disguise against some Politicians here in The Gambia with anti-Government Policies and ideologies.

 The Gambia Payment Centre in The Netherlands is responsible for payment and disbursement of Contract Money owed to Contractors because of the proximity of the Holland Office to most of our Oversea Contractors.The Money is now at the care of Gambia Payment Centre in The Netherlands, his excellency has ordered that 25% of the total sum be offerred to you as commission for helping to transfer the money to your account and the remaining 75% shall be reclamed and transferred to Switzerland for personal use, we have decided not to transfer the money to the SwissBank directly for personal reasons.

 His Excellency still has the political Ambition of been re-elected in the Third republic Political dispensation, he is making pre-election arrangement to ensure that his political opponents does not hold sway in the up coming election.You maybe aware that His Excellency marginally defeated his strongest political rival Mr Ousainou Darboe, a prominent Lawyer and former Vice President Gambia Bar Association and leader of United Democratic Party during the last Parliamentary Election, and from filterred information reaching the Presidency Mr Ousainou's Party now has the moral and financial support of Abdulaye Wade the Senegalese President as a result of agreement over territorial/cross border dispute and cross border drug trafficking at the last subregional Heads of States meeting in Bamako Mali. His Excellency has an unaccomplished task of a comprehensive implementation of a plan to transform the the Country socially, economically and scientifically in collaboration with the private sector in the next qu
arter of this century dubbed VISION 2020. However, His Excellency maybe willing to invest some of this money in your business depending on the confidence and ability to keep this information strictly to yourself and if everything goes smoothly he may increase his capital investment.

 Please call the Director of the Gambia Payment Centre, Liaison office in The Netherlands with this phone number , 31 630 067 707 or e-mail for other enquiries.You will be required to make your Bank details ready and make arrangement to meet with the Director of Gambia Payment Centre Office in The Netherlands Mr Mtisi Colby

Please note that there is no risk involved since your name has been forwarded to the Gambia Payment Centre Office Netherlands Liaison office as a contractor whose debt is to be paid, you will be made to effect change of certain documents and the money wil be transferred to your account. , however we would want to make this transaction confidential hence we seek to have your private mail address where we can reach you and i shall send to yo my cell phone number with which you can reach me when i am not in the office, for security reasons.
It is our intention to cooperate with you mutually and we hope you do same to us, thank you and may Allah (God) bless you . You can mail me on

     Best Regards,


  Rtd Captain E.D Singhatey
  for his Excellency

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