Peer Review Council

From: Carl Dekker (
Date: Mon Mar 03 2003 - 22:43:43 EET

TO ALL RPer's,

The RPA is seeking to leverage all of your help and expertise. We are asking for all willing parties to submit the information on the attached form. We will be asking for your contribution on a variety of projects in the coming future. Your contribution could be as little as reviewing a document to participating in a committee to explore and define a specific technology related to Rapid Prototyping. Although it is hoped that you are a member of the SME/RPA everyone involved in Rapid Prototyping Technologies are invited to join. For information on joining the SME/RPA please visit Please complete and return the attached form to myself or

Thank you,

Carl Dekker
Vice Chair RPA Board of Advisors
419A Stevens Street
Geneva, IL 60134 - 1392
630-208-8444 ext. 227
630-208-8466 fax

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