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From: Ian Unwin (
Date: Fri Mar 07 2003 - 15:12:53 EET

I am involved in putting a proposal together to set up a modelling/RP/RE
facility within our company. To reduce the initial capital outlay I would
like to hear from anyone who has, or knows someone who is able to supply any
of the following used equipment:

SLA 250 (or Viper - are there any unwanted used ones available?!)
MCP 004 or 04/01
Portable 3D Scanner
CNC Mill (Bridgeport EZTRACK or similar)

Thanks in anticipation

Ian Unwin
Spectrum Solutions
S&E Division
Room C29D
Malvern Technology Centre
St Andrews Road
Worcestershire WR14 3PS
T +44 (0)1684 896730
F +44 (0)1684 894803
E or

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