clear aorta model

From: Don Smith (
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 18:25:56 EET


I am making a model of the Aortic Arch, from the top of the heart
down to and including the bifurcation of the iliacs. The total
length of the part is about 22".
Requirements are:
1.)ability to see through; (not clear)
2.)pliable (like silicone tubing)
3.)Tear Strength (pumping during lab tests)

I plan on using a thin wall z-corp pattern of the bloodflow scan.
Polishing the pattern, and brushing on clear latex. After curing
break out the z-corp pattern.

I have thought through molding the part using a wax core and RTV
mold; and I think the core would be too difficult to register; and
the mold too difficult to fill without getting voids.
I have produced a similar part by successive dipping in alphatic
urethane, but this produces a part with varying wall thickness.

Any suggestions will be helpful.


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