Have I been erased from the List ?? please confirm

From: Rafael Santillan (rsanti@3drapid.com)
Date: Sun Mar 09 2003 - 23:37:35 EET

Hii listers

Since I have not hear from you for days !! I wonder if I have been erased
from the list

please replay if I am wrong

best regards.


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  Gary - Sorry I'm guessing here (not knowing what the heater looks like),
but if that is a NiChrome element heater, (and the element is bad), you can
always weld it up and repair the ceramic with Saureisen cement.

  Roger Spielman
  Regale Corp.

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    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a stack heater for our Lindberg Sinter-all furnace. Part
# 7101-2543-00A. Factory replacements are available but the 4-5 week wait is
a bit too much to bear, right now. Is there anyone with a back up of spare
parts for these furnaces?

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