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From: Scott Tilton (
Date: Mon Mar 10 2003 - 16:05:29 EET

Call me superstitious but I jinxed myself.
I guess I got a little too big for my britches and the RP gods struck me
So I have a job with 300 small, thimble sized parts (some smaller some
larger) to make and I didn't practice what I preached.
I didn't reboot the system since the last build, and I didn't group my
arrays of parts into single "combined" parts and sure enough the
Sinterstation stalled part way into a build.
"Application not communicating with scanner" message (or something like
There's no wood around here to knock on when I type messages like the one
below . . . perhaps someone could send me an LOM part instead?
Otherwise I'm going to have to build some little SLS idols and start
sacrificing some of my parts to them.
Scott Tilton
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Exporting the build packet, importing it on the local Sinterstation computer
and then disconnecting that computer from the outside network has been a
standard operating procedure for me for a year or so now.
As has been the practice of rebooting both of the Sinterstation's computers
before each build.
It is a little annoying routine to have to perform and can't say for certain
how much affect it has had on the reliability, but it *seems* to have helped
things run better.
I found that if the machine stalled, and I had not done every reasonable
thing that I could do to avoid it, I'd end up pissed off and second guessing
Scott Tilton
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Subject: SLS Machines Locking Up
If you have the newer software, it will behave the same as a newer machine
(in my experience). We've got several levels of software here, and have
found that as it has gotten more "user friendly" over time, the reliability
and consistency has not seen the same upgrade. We have problems with our HS
locking up. Most of our issues with locking up has to do with it being
connected to the network. We've taken to unplugging the blasted thing from
the network before we start a build. This seems to work great.
As far as the number of parts in a layer, we've built 90 individual .stls in
a single layer in a 2500, 2500plus, Vanguard, and Vanguard HS without a
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