Project on modeling of prototypes on FEA software to predict the strength of material

From: ketan pancholi (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 01:35:07 EET

Hi list,

I am doing project on the various processes of rapid prototyping
checking its accuracy and strength in return. I would like to see whether I
can change materials for building prototype like instead of z-corp
powder and binder, something more useful and strength providing. I also
would like to model the various prototype method and material on FEA
software to predict the outcome of prototype strength. It will give future
user to find out the outcome of new material and binder used to form
prototype without doing the actual experiments.

Would anyone like to comment on that or provide useful information on
that. If somebody is interested and having some knowledge base,pl. come
forward to share the idea.

I am really interested in forming the group of sort of partnership in
this matter.

If somebody can come up with material innovation in various rapid
prototyping methods.

awaiting reply.

mr.ketan pancholi

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