Re: Rhino 3D question

From: Ismo Mkel (
Date: Tue Mar 11 2003 - 15:38:51 EET

Dear Mr. Tilton,

You can use DeskArtes Expert Series for 3d model design, measuring and
boolean operations for STL files. Design Expert is meant for 3d surface
desing and 3Data Expert is for handling STL models for Rapid
Prototyping. Design Expert also inlcudes tools for STL boolean
operations. Please download an evaluation from

Best regards,

Ismo Mkel

Scott Tilton wrote:

> Thought Id ping the RPML for any Rhino users out there.
> Can one use this program to measure features on STL files as well as
> do Boolean operations on them?
> Thanks in advance
> Scott Tilton

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