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Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 05:41:03 EET


Thank you for the encouragement.
I am receiving many responses informing me of the expertise
available to do this, using several methods.
Pouring urethane (or silicone)into a mold is the most common.
An existing mold for a vinyl aortic arch.
Production process using a variable orifice extrusion


Don Smith
Baxter Healthcare Corp.
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>Hi Don,
>Without a much better understanding of exactly what you're trying
>accomplish I would be reluctant to make recommendations.
However, I do feel
>that it would be a mistake on your part to reject a "poured"
piece out of
>hand. True, it may take more time and effort then some of the
>methods, but results are usually far better especially for things
>require optical transparency or translucency.
>Best Regards
>Greg Pettengill
>Cote' Art & Engineering
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>Subject: clear aorta model
>> List:
>> I am making a model of the Aortic Arch, from the top of the
>> down to and including the bifurcation of the iliacs. The total
>> length of the part is about 22".
>> Requirements are:
>> 1.)ability to see through; (not clear)
>> 2.)pliable (like silicone tubing)
>> 3.)Tear Strength (pumping during lab tests)
>> I plan on using a thin wall z-corp pattern of the bloodflow
>> Polishing the pattern, and brushing on clear latex. After curing
>> break out the z-corp pattern.
>> I have thought through molding the part using a wax core and RTV
>> mold; and I think the core would be too difficult to register;
>> the mold too difficult to fill without getting voids.
>> I have produced a similar part by successive dipping in alphatic
>> urethane, but this produces a part with varying wall thickness.
>> Any suggestions will be helpful.
>> Don

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