milling of clay

From: Bram de Smit (A.desmit@IO.TUdelft.NL)
Date: Wed Mar 12 2003 - 15:40:14 EET

Hi list,

I am wondering whether any of you have experience with CNC milling of styling clay.
I did a small experiment but i was not to enthusiastic. The main problem is that the particles that
are cut of stick back on the surface after the tool has passed.

I used:
- a styling clay (Y2-klay from Chavant) suitable for milling, that I put in a refrigerator before
- a conventional ball nose milling tool with two cutting edges and a diameter of 12 mm.
- a feed rate of 8 mm./sec
- 8200 rpm of the tool
- a tool path distance of 1.33 mm.
- a meandering milling startegy, that means that tool is cutting in both feed directions.

These settings resulted in a not optimal surfaces with lots of clay particals sticked to it.
Can any of you help with some rules of thumb for the parameters that i have to use?


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