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Battelle Eastern Science and Technology Center intends to hire six individuals to support the government program described below. The job description is in paragraph 3.1. If you are interested, contact the person listed below.

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Contract Number: DAAD13-02-R-0016
Task Order Number: 007
Contractor: TBD
Title: Computer Aided Engineering Team Support
1.0 SCOPE.
1.1.1 The U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center (ECBC), located at the Edgewood Area, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD (APG-EA), is a subordinate activity of the U.S. Army Soldier, Biological and Chemical Command (SBCCOM). The center's mission is primarily the conduct and management of research, development and life cycle engineering of deterrent chemical/biological/smoke systems. This effort will result in a more effective R&D program that will lead to improvements in detection, protection and decontamination equipment needed by the warfighter.
1.1.2 Research and Development (R&D) programs conducted at ECBC range from laboratory feasibility studies to full-scale item development. Initial product, deployment and field surveillance programs are also conducted at ECBC. Through a series of stages (i.e., exploratory, advanced and engineering development, initial and full production, deployment and disposal), life cycle engineering responsibilities are established and maintained throughout the item's existence. Life cycle concerns such as configuration control, packaging engineering, quality assurance, Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), and demilitarization are managed by the Center with support from other AMC activities, ECBC's Engineering Directorate uses computer aided engineering and manufacturing on various chemical and biological development projects.
1.3 OBJECTIVE. The objective of this task is to obtain Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and fabrication support for chemical and biological defense items. This task is unclassified.
3.0 REQUIREMENTS (Statement of Work). In accordance with Section C (Functional Area 1), paragraphs C.3.2.6, the contractor, as an independent contractor and not as an agent of the Government, shall provide necessary resources (except those identified as government furnished property or assistance) to accomplish the work set forth below.
3.1 The contractor shall design, engineer, prototype, prepare and/or modify CAD models/drawings for complex systems and components in support of a wide variety of engineering development projects. The required engineering effort will involve mechanical design, stress analysis and preparation of shop fabrication drawings and specifications. The contractor shall analyze technical requirements, perform design studies, and prepare designs for prototype equipment or prototype models. The contractor shall operate prototyping and/or CNC and mechanical equipment as required by task. The contractor shall develop and fabricate parts, tools and fixtures for prototyping and small-scale production. A broad range of manufacturing processes will be utilized including but not limited to Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), CNC/Conventional Milling and Turning, Electrical Discharge Machining, Plastic Injection Molding, Vacuum Forming, and Forming/Punching of sheet metal to conduct or direct the fabrication of prototype equipment and systems. Overtime may be required for this task, but only with approval from the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). The contractor shall be required to obtain an email account and LAN access with ECBC. For proposal preparation purposes, it is estimated that approximately 300 design models and associated drawings shall be completed during the performance of this task.
3.1.1 This effort shall be performed on site (APG-EA) because the contractor will use CAE Team modeling conventions and will integrate their designs with the concurrent effort of other CAE Team members. The work space and equipment will be supplied by the government.
3.2 The contractor shall prepare and submit monthly financial status reports IAW ELIN A001, DD Form 1423, of the basic contract.
5.2 DATA TO BE DELIVERED. Data shall be provided in accordance with the DD Form1423 of the basic contract.
6.0 GOVERNMENT FURNISHED PROPERTY AND ASSISTANCE. The facilities and equipment provided to the contractor include computer workstations and design/prototyping application software specific to the task. The buildings and room numbers of the on site location are Building E3516, and Building E3549, rooms C126, C127, C128, B202 and B204.
Mark Schlein
U.S. Army ECBC
Attention: AMSSB-REN-SA
APG-EA, MD 21010-5424
(410) 436-5707
7.0 HAZARD INFORMATION. This task does not require the contractor to handle sensitive items, hazardous items, chemical surety materials or microbiological or biomedical material. As far as it can be determined, no known or suspect carcinogens are involved.
8.0 PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE. All work, including receipt of all data by Government, shall be completed 1080 days after the award of the delivery order incorporating this task.

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