Your Aortic Arch model.

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Date: Fri Mar 14 2003 - 20:51:28 EET

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Subject: clear aorta model

Subject: Re: clear aorta model

Hi Don,

I sent this out to you via List <> a couple of days ago
but don't see it in your email so thought you might have missed it. This
info could say you a lot of time.

Greg Pettengill's suggestion to rotocast your part is definitely the
answer. Your part has small passageways, though, so make sure you seal your
mold and pressurize it a bit. Rapid Prototype (or simply cast off or
digitize off an actual aorta filled with epoxy) your mold, then drill a
hole in it and epoxy in a tire stem. Then when you fill your mold, run the
pressure up to 40 pounds or so. (you will do well to experiment to find the
best pressure) This air pressure eliminates all bubbles and foaming, and
is critical in producing a beautiful small part. Use a catalytically
activated, clear silicone rubber, thinned as directed by the manufacturer.
Your finished part will be beautiful!

Let us know how you make out.

z Kirk
Kirk Alcond, UCLA Architecture, Shop Supervisor,
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