Reverse Engineering

From: Bruce E. LeMaster (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 00:02:42 EET

Hello everyone,

We have recently had a part scanned, tweaked, and provided back to us as a
SolidWorks file. The geometry is perfect but it's a dumb solid. Our
customer is trying to modify the part (i.e.. add bosses, thicken sections,
make a few cuts, etc. ) but is not having any luck.

My question is directed at those who do this type of work on a regular
bases. How do you go about working with the "dumb solid" in-lieu of a fully
parametric solid? Are there tricks to working with the "dumb solid" that
has been imported back into the CAD package that allow for meaningful data
to be sent to tool makers?

Thanks in advance for you suggestions.


Bruce E. LeMaster

Applied Rapid Technologies Corporation
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Fredericksburg, Virginia 22405
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