RE: Heat transfer & stereolithographic models

From: Neil Hopkinson (
Date: Tue Mar 18 2003 - 15:25:16 EET

I believe that Alstom Power in the UK did this a few years back but the
person whi did it (Chris Gray I think) left the company shortly after. I
believe that it worked OK but I am not sure that they looked through SL.
However with todays materials I would expect it would be likley to work. At
100 deg C may SL materials are above the Tg and can lose some rigidity but
if the part isn't subject to mechanical loads (including its own weight)
then it may be OK.


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Subject: Heat transfer & stereolithographic models

Dear All,

Has anyone ever done heat transfer experiments with liquid crystals
sprayed on a stereolithographic model? If you need to look through
several sections of stereolithography, can you still see the liquid
crystals changing color? Can you heat a model to 100C (212F) without it
melting or releasing vapors?

I'll appreciate any information that you can shed, even if it's slightly



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