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Roland has a scanner which sounds like it may fit your bill.


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Hi list,

For our research we would like to have a 3D scanner that is capable to scan objects from say 10 times 10 cm (4 times 4 inch) up to one square meter (40 times 40 inches)
The accuracy that we want is not extremely high and also the resolution doesn't need to be top of the bill.
We found that the Minolta VI300 or VI700 would be really suitable for us but they seem not to be on the marked anymore, as they are replaced by the VI900.

Unfortunately scanners prove to be quite expensive and our budget limited.
My question: does any of you know about a (low end) 3D scanner that can be bought for around $15000,-?
Also a used scanner could be ok, as long as it works.

thanks in advance

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