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Date: Wed Mar 19 2003 - 18:54:29 EET

"Friendly plastic" granules can be heated in hot water and formed into
shapes, much like wax or clay, only it is a rigid "plastic" material when
cool. Warm environments are NOT "friendly"!

Another interesting material is poly-caprolactone. When heated it becomes
taffy-like and can be stretched and formed. What I played with was clear. I
was told it was a bit expensive.


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On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, Doug Groh wrote:
> Why do you call it Friendly?

Because that's its name: Friendly Plastic (tm).

> What else is it used for?

It used to be available as a crafts material, but I haven't seen any
for a while...yup, Google reveals that it's still out there.


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