AAROFLEX, Inc. May be the winner in the long.

From: Aaroflex@aol.com
Date: Mon Mar 24 2003 - 20:49:24 EET

Mr. Charles W. Hull, founder of 3d Systems Corp and so called father of rapid
prototyping owned 21.88 % of the Common Stock of TDSC traded on NASDAQ as
reported in a public filing dated April 22, 1997. A similar filing dated
March 28, 2002 his ownership of shares was down to 4.37%. Arthur B. Sims the
mastermind of the legal abuse to others owned 2.19 % in the 1997 filing and
no significant amount in 2002 filing. Did 3d Systems delay the trial with
AAROFLEX, Inc. long enough to dump share, knowing the court case would be
devastating to these privileged insiders? Is this insider trading or what?

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