AAROFLEX May win in the long run

From: Aaroflex@aol.com
Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 05:05:03 EET

Mr. Charles W. Hull, founder of 3d Systems Corp and so called father of rapid
prototyping owned 21.88% of the Common Stock of TDSC traded on NASDAQ as
reported in a public filing dated April 22, 1997. Actually, he never invented
anything, but rather stole every ideal he ever had. A similar filing dated
March 28, 2002, his ownership of shares was down to 4.37%. Arthur B. Sims
the mastermind of the legal abuse to others owned 2.19% in the 1997 filing
and no significant amount in 2002 filing. Did 3d Systems delay the trial
with AAROFLEX, Inc. long enough to dump shares, knowing the court case would
be devastating to these privileged insiders?

This corporation is busted. Look at the financials and take out the good
will and the one half of the inflated accounts receivables and inventory and
you have an insolvent company. This company is ran by attorneys who are
sucking it dry. The management is from a consulting firm who is in for all
they can steal. The chief accountant was fired because he would not continue
to cook the books. Now, more attorneys and accountants are hired to cover up
this big mess.

I have never talked to a customer that likes 3d, but all are afraid to say
anything for fear of retaliation.

3d is violating all principles of good business as demonstrated by no
profits, no return on investment while operating without any apparent
competition. A high tech company operating without creating adequate
margins, and is always involved in lawsuits. The past three years 3d
projected an average of $0.30 per share earnings, but in actuality had a
$0.30 per share loss. The firm is run by the lawyers. What can you expect?

Call or write to any stockholders of 3d you know and tell them to attend the
upcoming annual share holders meeting and vote for change. Vote for a new
slate and good business.

Albert C. Young

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