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Date: Tue Mar 25 2003 - 20:05:01 EET


        This kind of distasteful ranting is not helpful to the industry
nor, I'm sure, to your law suit, whatever its merits may or may not be.

        Chuck Hull is unquestionably the father of rapid prototyping,
having been the first to successfully bring a product to market in this
still-infant industry and having so far managed to weather the storms of
building a business. The dilution of his ownership is typical of a
business that has to keep going back to financiers for support before
major market acceptance kicks in. I can only wish for Chuck that 3D
Systems eventually climbs to over a $billion market cap so his remaining
share of the company can nearly compensate him for his engineering
creativity and perseverance.

        I'm not writing to defend 3D Systems. I've also been
disappointed by many aspects of their approach and by their performance.
But I don't think your rants make anything better for anyone. If you
want the shareholders to vote in new management, let's see your
recommended slate.

        Best of luck to all of us to pull out of the difficult time we
are in today.

Marshall Burns

formerly Ennex Corporation

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