14% glass ST nylon part 650+ qty, in 4 weeks RFQ

From: Blasch, Larry (LBlasch@OPW-FC.com)
Date: Thu Mar 27 2003 - 22:56:01 EET

Dear list,

I am looking for a supplier to produce a mold for a short run (650 pieces)
in 4 weeks.
Tool must be good for 1500+ parts.

3D Model data available in UG, Parasolid, STEP or STL. Fully dimensioned and
toleranced drawing in process.

Part dimensions 8" long x 3.5" high x 1.5" deep.

Fully drafted, strait pull, non-uniform wall. (.125 average)

Desired material: 14% glass filled supertough nylon, (Dupont FE 8018.HS BKB

If you are interested in quoting on this part, please respond off list.


Lawrence R. Blasch
Design Engineer
CAE Systems Administrator
OPW Fueling Components
P.O. Box 405003
Cincinnati, OH 45240-5003 USA
Voice: (513) 870-3356
Fax: (513) 870-3338

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