Re: Heat transfer & stereolithographic models

From: Rob Connelly (
Date: Fri Mar 28 2003 - 04:17:24 EET

Hi JC,

Yes, I did heat transfer studies using liquid crystal paint on SL models
many years back. It was inside of turbine airfoils that were scaled up by
10X. It was something of a challenge back when SL materials were cloudy and
colored, but it is less difficult now that there are clear resins on the
market. As for the temperatures, of course a good heat transfer experiment
is over once the heat penetrates the whole model, so in general your models
won't need extreme temperature capability. These materials don't melt, but
they will soften, so you should support them adequately. I don't think that
outgassing will be a problem, but if you have sensitive paints that you may
want to test them first with a sample of the material.

Call or email if I can help you with this in any way.

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Subject: Heat transfer & stereolithographic models

> Dear All,
> Has anyone ever done heat transfer experiments with liquid crystals
> sprayed on a stereolithographic model? If you need to look through
> several sections of stereolithography, can you still see the liquid
> crystals changing color? Can you heat a model to 100C (212F) without it
> melting or releasing vapors?
> I'll appreciate any information that you can shed, even if it's slightly
> related.
> Thanks,
> JC

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