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 Guy Bourdeau <> wrote:Get a life Mr. Young.

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Subject: AAROFLEX, Inc. May be the winner in the long.

> Mr. Charles W. Hull, founder of 3d Systems Corp and so called father of
> prototyping owned 21.88 % of the Common Stock of TDSC traded on NASDAQ as
> reported in a public filing dated April 22, 1997. A similar filing dated
> March 28, 2002 his ownership of shares was down to 4.37%. Arthur B. Sims
> mastermind of the legal abuse to others owned 2.19 % in the 1997 filing
> no significant amount in 2002 filing. Did 3d Systems delay the trial with
> AAROFLEX, Inc. long enough to dump share, knowing the court case would be
> devastating to these privileged insiders? Is this insider trading or

Ed Wilson

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