Vantico Named Ford Tier 1 Supplier

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Date: Fri Apr 04 2003 - 23:40:36 EEST

> Press Release
> April 2003
> Vantico Named Tier One Supplier
> by Ford Motor Company Ltd.
> Duxford, England, April 4, 2003 - Ford Motor Company Ltd., has granted Vantico Ltd., the coveted Tier One status as a supplier of rapid modeling, prototyping and tooling materials for automotive design and production, it was announced today.
> Vantico> '> s RenShape* Solutions products are being sold to Ford for use throughout their product development. In the early stages, modeling boards and seamless modeling pastes are used in the creation of high surface finish styling models and large, economical, accurate master models. Accurate, durable models and prototypes are built in Ford> '> s stereolithography (SL) facilities using RenShape Solutions> '> new ABS-like epoxy SL photopolymers; many of which are used as masters to produce functional thermoplastic-like prototypes using RenPIM* rapid-setting polyurethanes. In the later stages of development, RenShape* CNC-machinable boards are used for the manufacture of high-quality prototype and pre-production tooling.
> According to David Schofield, Head of Global Marketing Tooling for Vantico Ltd., > "> We> '> re delighted that we were awarded the prestigious Tier One status from the renowned Ford Motor Company. In coming years, we look forward to maintaining and strengthening the close working relationships we have established with this world-class automaker.> ">
> Vantico has been a leading supplier of epoxy tooling materials for more than 60 years and is recognized as a pioneer and global source for stereolithography modeling materials, polyurethanes used in prototypes and parts, and CNC-machinable boards for building models and moulds. Vantico serves customers in the automotive, foundry, aerospace, appliance and general manufacturing industries.
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