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Date: Mon Apr 07 2003 - 20:53:26 EEST

First, check to make sure that the insert material does not react with the
uncured resin.
Then, if you're willing to risk a blade crash on this, here goes:
1) Make sure that the layer you are pausing on is the "last" layer of the
cavity in the SLA part.
2) During re-coat and before the next build layer starts loading, hit the
"p" key This will pause the build.
3) Using a syringe, suction out the resin trapped in the insert void/cavity
and place the insert into the cavity.
    (Wetting the insert with resin first will minimize bubbles.)
4) Manually move the sweeper blade across the vat to make sure that the
insert is below the surface.
5) Return the sweeper blade to it's original position and check to make sure
that the insert clears the blade and there are no voids in the part.
6) Wait for a few minutes to allow the resin level to stabilize.
7) Press any key to restart.
Does this sound complicated and risky? It is! Blade crashes are a pain to
deal with. You also have to be there and monitor the build, Not what I call
an automatic process.
Of course you can always set the build parameters up to stop on the
pre-determined layer for you. Check the Buildstation manual for instructions
on how to do this. You then have to start the build with the appropriate
parameters to continue from the stopping point.
Instead, I would suggest that you modify the part geometry to allow the
insert to be placed after the build and sealed into the part with a plug or
cap instead. you can build the plug with the part and the joint line should
be nearly invisible. Bond the plug in place with resin or photo curable
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 At 07:10 PM 4/4/2003, Adam Christie wrote:

hello all!
   Penn State Graduate Student here...i'm trying to insert objects into the
SLA build using an SLA-250 machine....Any tips out there? specifically,
how do i pause the machine when you're ready to insert? once i figure out
how to pause the machine, how do i get the liquid resin out of the
developing cavity if the platform remains in the vat? any other tips would
definitely help out my semester. THANK YOU!


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