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Date: Tue Apr 08 2003 - 11:14:45 EEST

Dear Mr Min
PS-Exchange from Delcam will read native models from all the main CAD
products and allow you to view models free of charge. The software can be
downloaded from <> (also
accessible from Delcam's Web site <> )
If after viewing the model you then want to save it into IGES, STEP, STL,
Parasolid XT or Delcam DMT/DGK formats you can buy a voucher from Delcam's
web-site that will allow you to convert that specific model as many times as
you want.
Ed Lambourne

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Subject: Powerful 3D CAD viewer needed
Hi...RP comrades, 
I have been looking for a powerful 3D CAD viewer which enables universal CAD
access through the organization and supply chain. 
Of course,I have ever used such viewers as Magics
However I realise I am in need of more powerful one. 
Though I have ever heard Actify's SpinFire is good,I have never used it. 
So if you happen to have some experience with SpinFire,would you pls share 
your honest opinion and experience with me ? 
Thanks in advance. 
Rapidly yours, 
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