Projective Geometry in a CAD Program

From: Jonathan Chertok (
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 03:22:35 EEST

A. Does anyone know of a CAD program within which one can conveniently do "projective geometry".

I am hoping for a 3D program within which I can set up a couple of "planes" in order to project lines to create a 3D object from a series of elevations - or to create a series of elevations from a 3D object. I suppose an ability to snap to a plane and to create a perpendicular to this line would be useful.

B. Similarly, I am wondering if there is a program within which one might have a command "Project Outline" or "Find Points in this Section" which would yield information in the form of points or lines from which I could construct additional drawings.

Here I am hoping for a 3D program which would allow me to construct a 3D shape - take sections or elevations of it - and then construct additional drawings using this "section" or "outline" information.

I have tried this in ACAD 2000 but after a lot of noodling around it seemed rather unsatisfactory for my needs.


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