machining of STL files

From: Rohit Kumar (
Date: Wed Apr 09 2003 - 22:31:12 EEST


I had a question on machining of STL files.

Since STL files are faceted, if mold is machined, what's the
guarantee that the core and cavity would seal properly
(assuming the parting line is not perfectly straight and has
sort of a contour to it)?

My understanding is that if the resolution of the triangles
is within that of the milling process, then there is no
problem. However, if it's not, what happens then? For molds
made via SLA, the mold material is soft. So applying
pressure, would sort of deform the material such that at the
parting plane, the core and cavity make a seal. But say if
the mold is made out of tool steel, what happens then? BTW,
is mold ever made out of tool steel via STL files?

Any inputs will be appreciated.
Best regards,

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