SLS Application Not Communicating with Scanner

From: Cooper, Ken (
Date: Thu Apr 10 2003 - 19:29:16 EEST

Dear List,

On my Sinterstation 2000, I usually have random occurrences of the SLS
"Application Not Communicating with Scanner", but this time I think I've bit
the bullet. I've rebooted, powered down, checked all the fuses I can find.
Still gettng 15V in my PS2 box as well.

I did notice that none of the "Output" lights are lit up on the cards inside
the front door, which probably isn't good. Has anyone run into this before?
Where is that elusive magic fuse/breaker that I'm missing?

Thanks, and Best Regards,

Kenneth Cooper
Marshall Space Flight Center
Building 4707 Room 106D
Huntsville, AL 35812

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