Rhino News - April 2003

From: Bob McNeel (bob@mcneel.com)
Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 15:26:00 EEST


   Rhino 3.0 is shipping
   Service Release 1 is shipping
   European language versions of Rhino 3.0 now shipping
   Rhino 3.0 beta expiration
   Flamingo 1.1
   Third-party product news

 For details, visit:

   English: http://www.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Cesky: http://www.cz.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Chinese (simplified): http://www.cn.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Chinese (traditional):
   Deutsch: http://www.de.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Espa˝ol: http://www.es.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Franšais: http://www.fr.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Italiano: http://www.it.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm
   Japanese: http://www.jp.rhino3d.com/e-news/e-news3003.htm

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