RE: machining of STL files

From: Rohit Kumar (
Date: Fri Apr 11 2003 - 20:55:47 EEST

Thanks much for the replies. Few more related questions based
on the replies:

1)Why do only rapid prototyping bureaus make use of STL
files? If there's no problem in making molds from STL files,
then why don't mold-makers do that? Do mold making companies
purchase software like Magics tooling?

2)For generating cutter path from STL files, if we increase
the accuracy of the STL file, won't the software take too
much time to calcuate the cutter path? Even though cutter
path generation software for CAD files would internally
convert some surfaces into triangles, they won't convert all -
such as cylinders. So isn't there a saving in time? Or is
time not an issue at all when it comes to cutter path

3)Is it common to find RP bureaus and mold making companies
to have software packages that would generate cutter path for
STL files so that molds could be milled?

Thanks again!

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