4th International Conference on Laser Asssited Net shape Engineering - LANE 2004

From: Prechtl, Martin (pr@lft.uni-erlangen.de)
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 10:59:33 EEST

Dear RP-List,

The LANE 2004 ist the fourth of its kind as a series of conferences providing the
possibility of discussing methods concerning laser assisted manufacturing. Engineers
and scientists in the field of research, development and industrial application have the
chance to set up the basics for solutions. One focus of LANE 2004 is the presentation
and discussion of unconventional laser technologies as the might find their application
in rapid prototyping or tooling, in micro or nano scale tasks, in automotive applications,
in recycling and in medicine.

The LANE 2004 conference will be held at the campus of the Physics Institute of the
Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürenberg. The town Erlangen lies
approximately 15 km north of Nurenberg. Erlangen's main pillars as a high-tech and
medical centre are the SIEMENS company and of course its university with more than
250 years of history. Erlangen can easily be reached by car, train or plain (Nurenberg
international airport).

The conference language is English, abstracts and papers only be accepted if written in
English and in conformity to the authors guidelines (will be send together with
information of authors about acceptance of paper).

The conference LANE 2004 is organized by the BLZ (Bavarian Laser Centre) in
cooperation with the LFT (Chair of Manufactruing Technology) and promoted by the
CIRP (International Institution for Production Engineering Research), the WGP
(Scientific Society for Production Technology) and the WLT (Scientific Society for Laser

LANE 2004 - Preliminary Time Schedule:

First announcement and first call for papers: May 2003

Second announcement and second call for papers: August 2003

Submission of abstracts: November 15, 2003

Information of authors about acceptance of paper: Januar 15, 2004

Submission of full paper: May 15, 2004

Final Confernce Program: August 31, 2004

LANE 2004 Confernce: September 21-24, 2004

Yours Sincerely,

                M. Prechtl


LANE 2004 Conference Office
c/o Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Martin Prechtl
Chair of Manufacturing Technology - LFT
Ordinarius: Professor M. Geiger
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
Egerlandstr. 11
D-91052 Erlangen
Tel.: 09131/85-23236
Fax 09131/85-23234
E-mail: lane@lft.uni-erlangen.de


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