From: Jonathan Chertok (chertok22@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 14 2003 - 22:44:36 EEST


I am wondering whether 2D or 3D Splines need to be transferred between
programs via very specific file types.

For instance, I have generated some 2D Splines (using the "Spline" Command
in AUTOCAD and would like to look at this information - including the "fit
points" - in say Rhino.

IGES seems to me to be a 3D file type and seems to specifically leave out
"lines and arcs". DWG and DXF seem to leave out the fit points and gives me
only endpoints in Rhino.

Can anyone give me a brief overview of what type of Spline or NURBS info
will accompany say STL, DXF, and IGES for instance? Is this dependent on
what type of object one is saving? And if so can someone give me a brief
technical overview of what types of 3D objects I am likely to run into
(Meshes, 3D Nurbs etc) and how these could or could not be carried by
various file types...

Is there a resource for this information that I could consult?



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