Resume Posting

From: Dan Davis (
Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 08:45:56 EEST

Hello all RP'ers

I am posting a link to me resume in order to inform all that I am ready to get back into the RP schem of things. I am a proud "Dinosaur" in several technologies and am conversant (well, at least understand) several non-English languages and (more inportantly) cultures. Go to for details. I am looking for a management position in either Operations, Sales or Business Development. I am well known throughout the RP industry and I will let my past accomplishments speak for themselves.

Ideally, I would be involved in International Business Development, but contact me if you see a hole that I can fill. I am more interested in job satifaction than total salary (within reason LOL!). I really need to get out of my current everyday sales/technology rut!!!

Dan Davis

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