Re: Pressure tank wanted

From: Andrew Miller (
Date: Fri Apr 18 2003 - 17:02:06 EEST

> However, there are situations when the presence of vacuum (or negative
> during filling of the mold is extremely useful.
> Many of our Protomix machine users inject the resin into the mold using
> cartridges or meter-mix machines while the mold is sitting under vacuum.

Yep I agree...

we will do that on ocasion as well however we usually just pull about 20in
of vacuum in the pressure vessle before filling and then just pressurize the
tank.....skips the Out of one into the other step...

We've also done a lot of work with the flow path of the resin to ensure the
minimization of voids that may be too large to compress once presurization
occurs...if we can't solve the problem with flow path then we have vaccuum
as a fall back...

I guess it mostly comes down to "Air is your enemy"
Whether trapped or mixed in (which is just little tiny trapped bubbles)

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