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Date: Tue Apr 22 2003 - 15:58:41 EEST

Charles, thanks, you have answered all my questions! We were approached to
build architectural models from Revit data, and I couldn't find any
information on their site about STL or scaling. I will forward this
information to our client, thanks again. Regards, Bob

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> Charles,
> Very interesting. To bad Revit dropped the ball. I am
> looking forward to seeing your resurfacing tool. There seems
> to be a lesson for architects and the allied arts in what you
> are doing: that we cannot wait idly and use the tools
> vendors provide us. Out of necessity we must have an active
> role in creating them.
> From your experience with architecturally oriented software,
> can you cite any examples of those with strengths in both
> parametric creation and watertight output (, for <
> $25k/seat?) IOW, that which might support both BIM and RP?
> We are currently an AutoCAD shop. While encouraging a move
> to next gen software its easy to suggest staying Autodesk,
> but I wonder if there are better alternatives. Anyone?
> Cheers!
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> Bob,
> In a word NO.
> More Detail:
> Revit, only has three "built in" export formats
> DWG - AutoCad
> DXF - generic CAD export
> DGN - Bently Systems
> As of last fall it was not exporting ACIS or other solids
> data to Autocad, only a tessellated mesh. Great you might
> say, a tessellated mesh, I can go to STL from a tessellated
> mesh via 3ds or the like.
> However, meshes that I exported from Revit were HIGHLY
> degenerate. They had holes, flipped faces, etc.
> I would be happy to send you some if you want to have a look.
> I have not
> worked with the DGN as I do not have Bentley. The DXF
> closely mirrors the
> DWG. They could be used as a snap grid to redraw the
> geometry but were not
> useful in anything more that very basic cases as a starting
> point for mesh repair.
> In addition, if you are considering building Architectural
> models from Revit files you will face the problem that I call
> radical scale down. Basically, even if you own a 810, Titan
> or the like you are going to be running an arch
> model at say 1" = 8' or smaller. 1/96th the original size
> to maybe 1/400
> the real world size. Now Revit is great program because it
> is truly parametric. You can call up a window and place it
> into a wall. Revit also knows the thickness of the glass in
> the window. Even expensive .25" glass at 1/96 then is .0026"
> thick when you make the prototype. Now imagine a small
> office building with a "curtain wall" of glass representing
> 60 percent of the model and the model at 1" = 20' . You just
> built a Vat O' Dust. Because it is a parametric modeler, you
> could create window substitutions, but depending on the
> window library you cannot always just say you want 1' thick
> glass. Sometimes you have to modify each window.... Now what
> about a steel I beam with a .25" section... or a cable
> holding up a fabric canopy...
> Have I been there... yes.
> I have had meetings with Revit's old director of sales and
> their current CEO. At one point they were going to write STL
> export into the code for us (we were going to guarantee sales
> or pay) but that was before they got
> purchased by Autodesk. We ran several sample models for
> them which they
> liked. As of last fall there was no movement that I could
> ascertain to embrace RP.
> In the end we resorted to development of a more general
> solution to at least some of the problems that I describe
> above. The software solution solves some of the radical
> scale down issues and can work with existing RP mesh
> preprocessing software like Magics, Marcam, Stl Editor, to
> create a buildable mesh. The plan is to have operational stl
> file resurfacing available late next week.
> Please let me know if you would like further information on
> Revit, RP in architecture, or our solutions.
> Best wishes
> Charles Overy
> Director of Engineering, LGM
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> Anyone know if AutoDesk's Revit software (an architectural
> package) can create an STL file, or how that is done? Thanks
> in advance! Regards, Bob Protogenic
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