Re: gluing Solidscape models together

From: Paul Suomala (
Date: Wed Apr 23 2003 - 14:37:21 EEST

 You can use cyanoacrylate, wax weld or (my favorite)
fingernail polish.

   * Cyanoacrylate sets very quickly - ok for pieces that
     are broken, having jagged edges which act as alignment
     features. But if you miss, you are in trouble.
   * Wax welding (the seam) is ok if you can clean the weld
     line before or after casting. The green material melts
     at 95 deg C. This method will give you the cleanest
     burnout if you are investment casting the part(s).
   * Fingernail polish is very forgiving due to having a
     relatively long set-up time. You need to maintain a
     fixtured position for a few minutes - the time is
     dependent upon how much of the nail polish you use. It
     is forgiving - if you err, you have time to take it
     apart and try again.
   * As an added note, I have tried rubber cement. Found it
     to be difficult to control at gluing time and too
     flexible when cured. Not sure how it would affect
     investment casting.

 If you are not investment casting, but rather making a
rubber mold of the part, epoxy could be an option. Of
course, epoxy is not so easy to control...

 Please let us all know what results you have.

Paul Suomala wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have some Solidscape models that are in several pieces.
> Is it possible to glue these together?? Does anyone have
> experience with this?
> Thanks in advance.
> Clay
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