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From: Steven Adler \( A3DM \) (
Date: Thu Apr 24 2003 - 03:09:21 EEST

I agree with Paul, in that nail polish seems to be the best in terms of
setup time on small features. If you are building larger parts however,
"red sticky wax" used with appropriate force as not to break the model
will hold through the investment/burnout process and can be adjusted to

In both cases, there seems to be little effect on the casting result.

Epoxy and/or "super glues" exhibit distorting behavior in the metal
casting and emit toxic vapor during burn out. This is not a serious
factor if you are using a well ventilated gas furnace. If however you
are using electric it can get pretty bad


Steven Adler

Automated 3D Modeling, Inc


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>>>>>> I have been using Sanders machines for 7 years now (MM6,
>>>>>MM2, RTM) and have
>>>>>> tried numerous methods of bonding this " very expensive,
>>>>>highly proprietary
>>>>>> thermoplastic/wax" build material.
>>>>>...known to its friends as "wax".
>>>>>> glue has been successful on some geometries. Epoxy too.
>>>>> Since we use this
>>>>>> machine exclusively to make casting patterns the answer
>>>>>has usually been to
>>>>>> make a big ugly (but robust) repair then clean up the casting.
>>>>>Yep. Another good answer is to build the model again and
>>>>>don't drop it
>>>>>this time.
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